From Cave art to Spell Correct in 6000 years!

Since humans first scrawled images of antelopes on the walls of caves we have had a proper stiffy for communication. Back then they couldn't get enough of it! No longer did you have to memorise and sing some story about how 'Clud and Thump' defeated a Mammoth. Now you could write it down, illustrate it and retain every gory detail for generations. Suddenly 'Clud and Thump' were literary characters, comic book heroes or mythical legends.
Jump forward around 6000 years and I have decided that I too want in on the act. It is no longer enough that I spend my days writing emails of the highest grammatical standards - I now wish to extend this linguistic prowess to the world of Blogging. (If only I had something worth writing about... Oh, well I'm sure it'll come).
I was Inspired, in no small way, by the frantic keyboard lashings of a certain Japan based blogger, a woman who has been dedicated to recording her weekly misfortunes and mishaps with a dry-as-dust wit. Well, I hope I do her proud.