Surprise news!

Sleepy bank holiday Monday, nothing much going on besides a mafia movie marathon and some White chocolate covered strawberries and then Whammo!!! A text from up north. A text from my brother. A text telling me... He's engaged!

Let's leave a line here and think about this.

And another one.

I was genuinely shocked. I don't wanna go all Carrie Bradshaw so soon into my new venture as a blogger but I did wonder... Is 40 the moment when it really all starts? It reminded me of a question I was asked recently, 'do you included you acting jobs on you proper cv?' As a matter of fact I do, and here's why... I dont want to give the impression I popped into the world fully formed and ready to work in an office. Prior to office drudgery I was not in vitro. I was a person with aims, ambitions and dreams.

Now back to my groom to be sibling. He hit 40 and BANG! he barely blows out the candles and he's down on one knee. Did he know all along 40 was the magic number when he would change his life forever. Do any of us see it coming?

Ellie ran off to Japan as 30 came into sight.

Shortly after hitting 20 Guillaume swapped baguettes for beans on toast.

Life can still surprise us at any age I guess and it's never to late to switch to the scenic route. If nothing else I should be inspired by this surprise. Maybe it's my turn to u-turn too.