DLR, Crutches and Tramadol!

Another day, another trip to University Hospital Lewisham. This time it wasn't me, but instead a broken Guillaume. I decided to document our trip with my iPhone Instagram app.


Why not!!

Guillaume was busy working on his troubled mid-distance stare as I secretly papped him.

The Doctor was wearing Crocs but I forgave him because he identified the source of Guillaume's pain and offered crutches and pain killers.

Armed with a trendy pair of aluminium crutches we went to M&S - well, what else would you do?

Back home it was time to get junked up on Tramadol - I wanted in on the act, they look fun!

 Finally, some stick on pain relief and a little snooze.


  1. Guillaume has a great stare going on. He could be the next Derek Zoolander =D


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