The Hula Hoop Letter

Dear Sir or Madam,

I wanted to write to you to tell you how much a LOVE Hula Hoops. I especially love the BBQ beef flavour and am hungrily salivating just thinking about them. My preferred method of eating them is to stick them on the tip of my fingers and bite them off. Sometimes when I’m particularly hungry I accidentally nip the end of my finger and squeak in pain. But quickly the Hula goodness makes the pain go away.
I like Hula Hoops so much I even go to Hula Hoop classes every Monday. At first when I went along I thought it would be people discussing the tasty snack but quickly realised I was wrong. Despite this mistake (and the fact their hula hoops taste plastic and hurt my teeth) I have continued to go along. I can spin the hoop around my waist and throw it in the air and catch it. Stuff that is hard to do with the Hula Hoops you make.
When I first discovered your Hula Hoops I was very little and the hoops would slide all the way down my fingers. Now that I am grown up they don’t fit as well but I still like them. Will you maybe one day make a special grown up size Hula Hoop so people like me can pretend to be little again? I understand if you can’t tell me and have to keep you snack plans a secret from other snack manufacturers. But if you did tell me I promise not to tell them, cross my heart.
I wish I were eating hula hoops now – but I can’t because the vending machine at work is broken. I am not too sad though because it is nearly home time and I have more Hula hoops in the cupboard at home. It only takes me 15 minutes to get home so I wont have to wait to long, unless the train breaks down which happens all the time. I hope the train doesn’t break down.
Finally, I wanted to thank the person who invented Hula Hoops, I hope they are very rich because they should be. Making so many people happy must be a good job. If you ever need anyone to test Hula Hoops or make them (I promise not to eat them all) I am your man.

Yours Sincerely