Jayne tells it like it is!

Hi, it's Jayne from the Bodychef. If you still need to lose weight I'd like to remind you that this 10% voucher code BODYTXT expires at the end of this month. Just use it online or over the phone. - www.bodychef.com - e-mail: jayne@bodychef.com - call me: 01502581162 - To unsubscribe txt NO

Hi jayne, thank you for the reminder. I am not yet at my goal weight and really appreciate the support you are offering. My other friends say I'm not fat but I'm glad I have you to tell it like it is. However, I'm just not sure this is the best thing for me... I've heard very mixed reviews and imagine the food to be a little yucky! Can you allay my fears? Oh... And Jayne, I don't own a microwave, is that a problem? I'm afraid of the radiation... In fact I'm holding my phone at arms length because I'm afraid the text might fry me. I heard mobile's emit radiation too. Do you think that's true? Any way, I digress... What were you saying again?