The Lion King / Hamlet

Last night was a fierce deadline that threatened to keep me captive late into the evening. I wasn't it's only victim hoping for an eventual escape, with me were Little Linda, Kerry, Fay and Two Victorias. All of us cursing, waiting and wanting to go. Myself and one of the Victorias had plans to see Hamlet and it was clear we wouldn't be on time.

Eventually our over complicated, archaic system loaded the final page of the magazine and we fled the scene.

Finally, on the tube whizzing eastward away from work Victoria and Fay set about applying their makeup. Fay hoped off at London bridge looking very happy with her bouncy pony-tail and Victoria and I hurried onwards to our culture date.

Late, but not deterred we were ushered to our seats. Beforehand, knowing we would miss the opening I explained to Victoria, Hamlet was essentially The Lion King and if you bare that in mind we'll be fine. A few minutes in... I had begun to follow. Hamlet/Simba may be crazy in Love or may be crazy in vengeance, Polonius and King Claudius/Scar hatch a plan using fair Ophelia/Nala to discover which.

So far so good, for such a difficult space the cast did an excellent job. Gertrude/Sarabi played by Jane Stanton was intrancing througout and easily had the best costumes. The S&M gown was my favourite. Kevin Millington who played both Rosencrantz and Osrick was a theatrical force to be reckoned with. So at ease with the rhythms and language that he took that often difficult step of making it his own. With Shakespeare, that is no easy task. The collective cast put on a brilliant, stark and moody Hamlet with intimacy and excitement. Occasionally the on-stage movement seemed motivated by sight lines rather than character but overall this was an excellent Hamlet.

Afterwards, Victoria and I went on the hunt for some much needed Red wine, having satisfied our cultural thirst it was time to feed the drunk in us too.

Hamlet is running at the Galleon Theatre in Greenwich until October 9th
Tickets are £13/£10
Box office 0208 858 9256