Who stopped the clocks?

I am reasonably confident the Earth's rotation must have slowed. Also, I haven't checked, but am quietly confident, my watch is now counting 70 minutes to the hour. I don't need to check because it's a scientific fact that my days, hours and minutes are dragging more this week than ever before in the history of my life. Of all the 1570 weeks I have journeyed through none have been so glacial in their passing.

The over use of simalies aside it has been a draining miserable week and I suspect it is because another forgettable summer is making way for another dreary autumn. With seasons so indistinct it's no surprise my concept of time is so warped. Winter will be here in a blink as evidenced earlier this week when I saw Christmas chocolates on sale. Rather than freak out as I once would have I instead shrugged. WTF! was replaced by 'meh'. If time continues it's painfall crawl I suspect I'll be arthritic and senile before the tree goes up. Bah humbug, indeed!

This week also introduced me to the agonising wait for pay-day. I've never before been so keen to know how much I'm getting? if I'll have enough? if I can book Paris? As it happens the wait may well be worth it and perhaps I can breath a small sigh of relief. Only a small one, we're strapped in for a double dipper recession after all.

Maybe we spend to much time waiting for 'Friday', 'The Weekend', 'Christmas' or 'Pay-day' and not enough time living for the here and now. Maybe living for the moment (whatever that means) is the best way to bust the sluggish lethargy from our lives. Maybe I need to manufacture my own sunshine, cause it's going to be in short supply in coming weeks!

Next time I'm stuck at work and the clock seizes up I'm going to start hula hooping at my desk.

Maybe on my desk!

In a leotard.

That'll brighten my day and make time fly!