A little tipple

Eating, drinking are the two undeniable pillars of a successful 21st century social life. We all know sport, education and hobbies all add to our well being but only a total mutant-hunch-back-bob-haired-big-nosed loser would imply you can succeed (survive) off the latter.

I am a drinker and eater... It's my social manna and the way I forge fast, strong, well judged relationships. Watch someone eat and learn about social standing and class. Drink with them and uncover allegiances and honest truths. Reach culinary or alcohol oblivion and arrive united at a euphoria that bonds forever.

We consume and digest as a species and this is the glue that holds us together apart from the slack jawed banana chomping apes. We should be proud of our discoveries in booze and baguettes.

Both these glories are miracles that socially and chemically inhance us and the way we relate to each other. No one, to my knowledge, ever went to war over a glass of merlot or a humous dip.

Of course booze and gluttony has a bad side but it's a question excess. Too much of anything is likely to be detrimental and this is a common sense the majority understand. A life spent eating KFC will 100% result in a premature death. End of.

But boozing and fine dining to reinforce our social standing is an essential part of being at the top of the food chain.

We are kings of the jungle and are out to escape the limitations of evolution with the help of well prepared ingredients.

I'm drunk, gorged, happy and enlightened!




  1. I want to drink merlot with you and eat humous and possibly get a duvet on the balcony and put the world to rights.... In our own special way x

  2. That sounds like something I would say anonymous, reveal yourself!

  3. Amen to that silleh bunneh! FOOD ON! ^_^


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