Seven months of Kinkies.

For the last seven months I have worked with six superstars who have tickled me, suprised me and inspired me everyday. I'll miss every 'dib-dab', 'road-kill', 'bobert' and 'catch-up' more than they know.

It took me a while to work out what made them special but then whilst clearing out Ellie-cat's litter box the penny finally dropped (why it waited until I was on my knees scooping poop I have no idea, but anyway) six are 'ego-less', a quality rarely found in salespeople. They aren't motivated by being right, when someone else is wrong. They're considerate, thoughtful and funny.

But, our little family is no more, it's members have grown big enough to fly the nest and see what's beyond the canopy. They're spreading their wings and flying high.

Enough avian analogies??? One more!? Please!?

It was tweet while it lasted.