Cowboy Builders at Chez Gay

Much to my horror I recently discovered that our building maintenance manager was featured on Cowboy Builders – see link above.

Andrea Binda and he’s a seemingly charming and jolly individual. The reality is slightly different, - isn’t it always?

Andrea Binda did a little work in our flat described at the time as a ‘free fix up’ that will ‘saved you loads of money’. I later received an unexpected Invoice which of course, I disputed immediately. Without fuss or fanfare it vanished. It would seem to be acceptable practice for my Building manager to employ the services of a chancer. Watching the programme above I gathered that perhaps his days as a whole-sale con man / chancer might be over but he’s still not someone I particularly trust. See earlier Pound Coin of Doom blog for more details on the idiots who manage my building.

What do I do with this information?

Should I go to the Estate Agents?

Should I blog about it? - oh, just did!


  1. Ha ha yeah, They seem to employ right ruthless idiots as maintenance managers! You should ask him about all the familes he endangered and ask him if he's planning to do the same to you, ask him what is your current murder rate. Then phone the estate agents and let them know about your concerns!!

  2. Fuck you, i'm andrea binder ya twats !!!


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