Pianos, Broken Hearts and Voice Mail

The big news today is the shocking and unexpected dissolution of my Brother’s engagement. So shocking, no one thought to tell me for six weeks. Well now I know and am doubly surprised; doubly surprised because I couldn’t get my head around where the proposal came from in the first place. Just as I’ve got used to the idea of having a groom-to-be brother he ditches the Bride-to-be, making her a crazy Voice-Mail stalker. I tried to squeeze every morsel of juicy gossip from my sister, nieces and nephew but in the end I failed to understand how this near-betrothal came to be at all. My Brother is not obviously the marrying type; he isn’t suited to being in the company of others; any others.

Now he has dodged the pump-action-confetti gun and made it safely back to singles-ville I am no wiser why he took his little jaunt. I am however hearing slightly sad stories of how Bride-not-not-be is playing the Piano down the phone to his Voice Mail in some slightly creepy attempt to convey the sadness in her soul. As always with these things there are details that cannot be repeated and shouldn’t be. I am surprised: Yes. But more than that I am sad that this couple who thought they’d found happiness together ultimately hadn’t and have broken each other’s hearts.

For my Brother this surprising act of social normality is at least a step in the right direction. Maybe there will be more surprises coming. I can hope, for his sake.


  1. Playing the piano down the phone... I wish I'd thought of that!


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