I went to a Fashion Show and all I got was this lousy story.

On Friday I was lucky enough to attend to the Sorapol Autumn/Winter Show 2012 after being invited by LittleMissLove. I learned a great deal about the Fashion year ahead... such as... well, we'll all be wearing Human Skulls in our hair, or the fur of a bear on our head ...and we'll have an unearthly, deathly pallor to our skin. Like the weird sparkly shit in twilight except high fashion instead of totally, like, you know, gay!

Another valuable lesson learned was
that Boy George isn't at all an obese, attention grabbing, pointless has-been in a stupid hat. He is certainly not rude, irritating or badly dressed and didn't spend the entire show trying to upstage the models. I am glad I had the opportunity to clear that up for anyone who mistakenly thought he was a washed up fat prick (with a painted chin).

Finally, I learned that designers steal from each other. Matthew Williamson was there stealing ideas - I discovered this when I stole his invite.

...Stealing is also very 2012.