Pizza Express Puntastic Complaint Letter!

Sadly I cannot take credit for this Puntastic piece of Genius...
Enjoy the best ever complaint letter Pizza Express will ever recieve.

Dear Sir/Madam,
We recently organised a pay day work night out for Friday 27th April, booking a table for 14 at the recently opened PizzaExpress restaurant in Blackpool so we could spend our hard-earned dough. However, when we arrived at the restaurant it had a sign outside saying that the extractor fan was broke and it was shut. We kneaded to find somewhere else to eat in a hurry, which as you can imagine was difficult for so many. Unfortunately, all we could find on such short notice was the crusty Indian restaurant round the corner. Topping it all off their card machine was broke so I had to go draw the cash out of the bank to pay for the meal, which will take me a month to claim back from work. It would have been courteous for the restaurant to ring us to let us know they were having their slice of difficulties to allow us to plan our night better! I have always been a big fan of PizzaExpress, but this whole situation has left us all rather cheesed off.

Yours Sincerely

(Disgruntled Pizza lover)