Purifyne Review from The Resident, July 2011

It’s that time of year again when the pre-holiday panic to shed a few pounds (or if we’re completely honest a miracle stone) takes a grip that refuses to yield. This time, however, I resolved to take a grown-up stance and try something that would kick start a more long-term lifestyle shift.  

And so it was that, after waving a daunting farewell to the Venti coffees and croissants – my daily sugary crutches – I found myself in receipt of a giant box of detox juices, vitamins, and – that most terrifying of things – an enema kit. My Purifyne Detox had arrived. Now, I don’t consider myself unusual for regarding two days’ separation from the Rioja a challenge; in my world, a helping of strawberry cheesecake and a banana daiquiri more than account for my five-a-day. Unsurprisingly then, confronted with a 14-day eating plan of various fruit juices and herbal teas I feared I’d bitten off more than I could chew. 

Stock photo of man with no self respect
On day one I got to work making my detoxifying breakfast, which included a shot of aloe vera, one of acai berry and two glasses of juice with various  powders mixed in. I had already, as instructed, prepared my digestive system with lemons in hot water and popped the prescribed vitamins. Each juice concoction – to my relief – actually went down easily, and so, the glasses rinsed and the sides wiped down, I set off for work expecting a thunderous hunger to follow. By lunchtime I hadn't resorted to eating my keyboard – perhaps the next two weeks wouldn’t be so bad. Juice flavours included watermelon, grape and pineapple. Each had subtle undertones of veg such as pepper, celery or carrot which triggered a curious déjà-vu; I found myself recalling the brussels sprouts hidden in mashed potato of my childhood. Only now the surprise was pleasant rather than a mild trauma. A word of warning: you continuously drink juice, water or herbal tea to stimulate and cleanse the liver, and while this staves off hunger, a minor side effect is felt in another internal organ; the bladder. Don’t, whatever you do, wear a play-suit to work. Simplicity is the programme’s strength; juices are delivered to your home or office at a time to suit you.

Not having to think about what to eat is a welcome relief and watching the weight drop off is the motivation you need to keep going. Purifyne is the perfect pick-me-up if you feel your health slipping; the philosophy is about changing the long-term approach to health and in this respect it works very well because you learn the difference between hunger and boredom. The support and advice from the Purifyne team in the form of daily emails and tips was essential to my success. More energised, fresh and 9lbs lighter I am a convert – and to prove that miracles really do happen, I've even taken up running for the first time in five years. That said, wonders I’m afraid, do cease – I couldn't quite give up the Rioja.