DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Just walking along the other day I spotted a grimy old wooden pallet and then... inspiration struck. I was going to turn it into a distressed coffee table.  Here's the process from sawing to sanding and painting in a series of moody Instagram pictures...

These tables can retail for £500 to £995 click here to see an example of some overpriced crap and then scroll down to see how I wore my fingers to the bone making one with a soul.

If you want one yourself, try...


After a Trip to B&Q we were ready to go

Firstly we cut it down to size
...then sanded it a little smoother
Four cut offs for the wheels had to be sanded too
...and then nailed to the pallet.

With the four cut offs in place it was time to...

...paint. We chose a grey stain and then sanded to distress.

Finally we attached the wheels and tested they held.
...they did
And it looked wonderful. We ordered glass to finish it off.
...a perfect fit.
In Situ!


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