I Hate People: A Long Overdue Minty Rant

Rule one: Don't write angry.
Rule two: Keep it concise

OK - I promise only to break only one rule of good journalism.


Maybe I can bend #2

People should have a label warning other people that they 'may be bad for your health'. If not your health then at least for your throbbing thumb after you ferociously text them some much needed abuse.

'People', of which I understand there are close to 7.1 billion, are annoying self obsessed lumps of aging, sagging skin, filled with bile, blood and life supporting organs. Usually topped with spaghetti-like bushes of varying colour and equipped with a gaping hole at the front from which noises emerge. They are a strange, noisy bunch. Ugly even!

Often making said noises before the organism can engage it's primitive cerebellum, they are prone to causing annoyance and distress. They have evolved additional mediums to annoy including email, text and even social media - a truly inventive and vile specie. 

With so many on the planet, and the number steadily rising, I can't imagine things ever getting any better. 'People' are just intolerable, but in truth, you have to grin and bare it. Drop some Valium with your martini and learn to live with them.

Rant ovah!!!!


  1. If people would be vegans and wouldn t fight, hell yes i would give icecreams to strangers and i would be such a happy person. They can be rude and hell agressive, but there is a mom, a sister... A brother who loves you, so, please keep calm and don t se u hate everyone.. Sometimes i hate some persons too. Examples? - Workers from fastfoods, from chicken, beef etc factories, hunters, rapers, criminals and so on. But there was Vanilla Ice, Morrison Jim, Michael Jackson, Spielberg, good doctors, etc. So, if u notice conflicts, try to help, i m tryin ma best too. Have fun with ur friends and have a party every week, you ll see it s good! Peace!


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