London's Culinary Gem: Borough Market

Borough Market: est. 1758
Some would have us believe Borough Market is nearly 1000 years old, surely the oldest market in London? Official records are a little more conservative placing the origin (at the present site just off Borough High Street) closer to 1756.

Either way we are looking at a Market steeped in London history and famous all over the world as a place to shop for unique gourmet foods.

Borough Market: Balsamic Vinegars
My first encounter at Borough Market was nearly six years ago; I took home two rich, mouth-watering Ostrich fillets from ‘The Exotic MeatCompany’, and I never looked back.  Since that culinary awakening I have tasted the finest Salted Caramel Fudge, the best syrupy Balsamic Vinegar and unforgettable Blueberry Saussison.

The last few years have seen the traders shunted from one corner of the site to another while essential building takes place. The worst of the upheaval seems behind them now and the market is going from strength to strength attracting the best traders with the best foods from all over the globe.

The best time to visit is ideally a bright sunny Saturday morning. Have a light breakfast and head down with a wallet full of cash to see what catches your eye. Samples of cheeses, tapenades, breads, olive oils, chocolates and fudges will all be offered so dive in.

Borough Market: The Globe
When it all gets too much and you feel the need to sit down for a coffee there is the wonderful Monmouth Coffee Company. Opened in 2001, all the coffee beans are freshly and locally roasted so you can savour the finest coffee in confidence.

If you are re-invigorated and ready for round two then I would suggest piecing together a dinner party feast. The Borough market website offers recipes ideal for impressing your friends. Why not try Tori Haschka’s ‘Oliveoil poached scallops with blood orange and garlic’ for the main and ‘StickySaucy Passionfruit Coconut Pudding’ to follow. Mouth watering yet?

Borough Market: Saussison
Borough Market is an ancient gem in London’s culinary crown. More than just a place to buy food it is a place to discover new tastes and renew your love for home cooking.

Opening times
Mon - Wed - 10:00 - 15:00
Thursday - 11:00 - 17:00
Friday - 12:00 - 18:00
Saturday - 08:00 - 17:00
Sunday - Closed

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Flowers at Borough Market : The Gated Garden
Borough Market: Wild highland Venison

Borough Market: Sussex Skate
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Borough Market: German Deli
Borough Market: Glass roof
Borough Market: Fresh fish